Banana Plant Leaves Turning Yellow? (Solved + Care TIPS)

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If you are wondering Why are your Banana Plant Leaves Turning Yellow, Brown, or Droop, you have come to the right place. There are several reasons why banana leaves may turn yellow, but in most cases, they are due to inadequate watering or lack of sunlight.

If you notice your banana plant leaves drooping, they may have too much water or lack adequate sunlight. Brown edges indicate that they are deficient in water and humidity.

Banana Tree Care

Banana trees are simple to take care of. If you’ve the experience and knowledge to cultivate this plant, you’ll quickly see a happy tree in front of your eyes outdoors and indoors.

But, take care not to put your banana tree in a windy place because they are prone to damage by strong winds.

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It’s better to incorporate some compost into your soil before planting your tree. Find a spot where your banana tree can be easily accommodated, as it’s a big tree!

The time from spring through fall is the time when banana trees are in the bloom season. You might have to water the plant quite over the year.

They are water hogs, and they may require regular watering.

What are the light Requirements for Banana Trees?

Banana trees prefer to be in full sunlight that’s around an hour of sunshine a day.

Certain banana plants don’t appreciate direct sunlight, and they can be burned if placed in the sun all day long.

What is the best Soil for Banana Trees?

They love slightly acidic soils organically rich with excellent drainage. But they have a low tolerance to salt in the soil.

What is the right Temperature and Humidity for Banana Trees?

The banana plant prefers to live in humid and warm temperatures They don’t enjoy extreme temperatures. They prefer temperatures of 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry and cold conditions are the primary reason for banana tree dieback. If you’d like to increase the humidity, you can try misting your foliage every often.

What is the best fertilizer to use on Banana Trees?

Banana trees love fertilizers and are huge eaters. You should fertilize them frequently, especially during the growing season. You should use organic composted manure or 8-10-8 (NPK) chemical fertilizer.


Types of Banana Tree

There are many kinds of banana trees. We have listed a few varieties below:

  • Musa Acuminata This kind of banana tree typically grows up to 12-20 feet tall and is recognized because its paddle-shaped leaf can grow up to 6-to-10 inches.
  • Musa Ornata is well-known as a flowering shrub and cultivated for its decorative worth. But, the fruit isn’t consumed.
  • Musa Basjoo The tree can reach an elevation of between 6 and 14 feet. It is referred to for its Japanese banana.
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Why Are My Banana Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?

If your plant’s leaves turn yellow, the primary reason is that it’s not receiving the nutrients it requires.

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Insufficient drainage, inadequate fertilizer, excessive water intake, and fungal diseases are just a few of the most frequent causes of banana plants’ yellow leaves.

But, these issues can be resolved and only require a single solution!

The banana plant that doesn’t contain potassium will have yellow tips on the leaves or edges.

A nitrogen deficit can cause the yellowing of the older leaves. An absence of magnesium, zinc, or copper can cause an orange-colored band that runs parallel to the leaf’s central vein.

It’s possible that poor soil could also cause the leaves on your banana plants to change color In addition, too much sodium in the soil could cause the leaves on your banana plant to change color.

Why Are My Banana Plant Leaves Turning Brown?

To solve this issue, we must first identify the issue!

The leaves of the brown banana plant aren’t limited to the tips but can move inwards, affecting every leaf.

We must identify the issue to keep our banana plant fit and healthy.

Too much or not enough water can cause stress to the plant, causing banana leaves to brown.

This is because the roots with waterlogged pores are unable to circulate nutrients and moisture.

Don’t also transfer the plant from a dim light spot to a spot with a lot of light since this can cause burns to the plant and cause the leaves of the banana plant to turn brown.

The cold and the heat often cause the banana leaves plants to brown.

Why Are My Banana Plant Leaves Drooping?

Leaves of banana plants could drop due to a variety of reasons. The plant may not receive enough sun or enough water.

It is possible that you have not utilized the right amount of fertilizer for your plant!

Whatever the reason the cause, it’s best to determine the cause of the issue.

Be sure to keep your plant out of direct sunlight when it’s in direct sunlight. However, even if it’s not, it is necessary to relocate the plant to a more shady spot.

Ensure that you give it only enough water since excessive watering or submerging your plant may result in the leaf of the banana plant dropping.

Avoid using fertilizer until the plant develops a vigorous growth rate!

How Often Should I Water A Banana Tree?

Banana trees are indigenous and are native to rainforests. That is why they require lots of water. They also prefer to be in a humid habitat. So it is recommended once a week.

It’s recommended to plant them nearby because this helps retain moisture. Also, ensure you don’t overwater your tree because this could lead to root decay.

The soil around your banana tree must remain moist all the time however, don’t place it in a watery pool since this could lead to problems.

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Should You Cut Dead Leaves Off Banana Trees?

Pruning is always recommended! If you notice that your banana tree isn’t looking like its standard tree, you should cut off dead leaves.

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This helps to grow and creates a stunning appearance! You might also have to trim the leaves of your tree if it is subject to the force of high winds.

But don’t feel sad when you need to trim the banana leaves off the tree.

It is essential to eliminate damaged leaves, brown or yellow, off your plant to ensure that it is healthy and keeps the plant healthy and happy!

How to revive a dying banana plant?

Banana trees can reach 10 feet in height and range between 2 to 4 feet in width.

If you’re looking in the hope of reviving a dead tree by cutting it or cutting leaves, you may require an elevated ladder! Be sure to have the appropriate tools to complete this task.

Fortunately, the indoor plant of bananas is easier to manage than an outdoor plant! So, don’t fret when you have one in your home. You can quickly revive your dying banana plant!

Cut dead leaves all up to the trunk to encourage fruiting and flowering. This will also lower the chance of contracting diseases.

It’s an excellent idea to trim your banana plant before the start of winter, so the plant can have more leaves come spring.

Pruning your leaves on your banana tree is essential, and you’ll observe it yourself as you do it!

If the banana plant is content, you can tell by how its leaves look. However, an unlucky plant may appear wilted, and your banana tree’s leaves might be dead.

How to do Repotting and potting of banana trees?

Banana trees can thrive in pots. However, they require at least 15-gallon containers to maximize their growth.

It’s best to ensure the pot has ample drainage holes and organically fertile pot soil.

One advantage of planting the banana plant is the ability to move it inside if the weather outside isn’t appropriate for your plant.

Potted banana trees require more water and care than the traditional banana plant that grows in the ground.

They might not even reach their maximum height because they cannot attain their maximum growth potential.

Many people still prefer to grow the plant in a pot because it’s easier to take care of when compared to the plants planted in the soil.

It is recommended to reppot your banana tree at least every three years.


I hope this article helped you learn “Why are your Banana Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?”: Most gardeners who are a bit adventurous opt for a banana tree. Although it is easy to maintain, its dimensions may be a significant concern for many.

But this shouldn’t hinder you from reaching your aim to cultivate a banana tree or any other plant.

It’s an excellent idea to prune your banana tree regularly to ensure you have a happy and healthy tree!

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