Which Plants Like Ericaceous Compost? (Answered)

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Do you want to learn which plants like ericaceous compost? Ericaceous compost is a specific type of organic material that is designed to be especially helpful to acid-loving plants.

It compensates for the lack of nutrients in alkaline soils, while also feeding the plants and regulating moisture.

This type of compost is particularly good for combining with regular potting soils. If you’re thinking of using it for your garden, be sure to research what types of plants it is ideal for first.

There are many plants that are able to thrive in this kind of compost because of a variety of environmental elements.

This means that if begin growing blueberries, camellias, or heather, without first determining your soil’s characteristics prior to planting it could set you to fail.

Do not worry! We’ve got all the details you require about the ericaceous compost and how it can benefit certain species of plants you have in your yard.

What is Ericaceous Compost?

Ericaceous soil is an acidic type of soil, named by the plants that prefer to thrive in it. They are classified as part of”the “Ericaceae” family. This signifies that these plants that love acid require a higher acidic compost to help support their development. They are additionally known as lime-loving, which implies that they do not thrive on alkaline soils.

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Which plants like Ericaceous Compost?

If you plan to plant these plants, you’ll need organic compost to enhance the growth:

  1. Holly
  2. Ferns
  3. Gardenia
  4. Rhododendrons Azaleas
  5. Camellias
  6. Hydrangeas
  7. Aster
  8. Magnolia
  9. Pachysandra
  10. Lupine
  11. Pieris
  12. Viburnum
  13. Bleeding Heart
  14. Japanese Maple
  15. Juniper
  16. Blueberries
  17. Raspberries
  18. Cranberries
  19. Kalmia

There are numerous others, so make sure to research the type that compost your plant requires!

Why do these plants like ericaceous compost?

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If you are trying to cultivate Ericaceous plants in limestone or alkaline soils, they’ll grow yellow leaves. This is known as lime-induced chlorosis. It is a condition that causes plants to not grow or bloom properly and often end up dying.

The primary reason is that they require iron as well as other nutrients in the soil, and if the soil has an acidic pH, these nutrients become insoluble inside the soil, preventing plants from absorbing the nutrients.

If your soil is acidic You may find it easy to plant the plants in tubs or pots.

How to grow and care for ericaceous plants?

Consider growing the plants you want to grow in a huge container or pot that is filled with ericaceous compost. The purpose of the container is that it allows you to place them in the appropriate area of your garden to meet the needs of your plants.

Most ericaceous species can’t be grown in direct sunlight since their flowers change color with exposure. This makes them ideal plants to be grown in shade.

Be sure that you provide your plants with a proper fertilizer. Along with compost, you’ll need specific Ericaceous plant food. There is a continuous release option for plant food that can feed for 6 months after one application.

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Particularly during the summer months, you must also water your ericaceous plants frequently. Also, make sure you keep your plants hydrated and cover the soil with mulch to keep moisture in.


If you plan on planting ericaceous plants, remember that they need weekly watering to thrive. A light layer of compost is best for these plants. It’s also important to water the soil regularly and mulch the beds well to retain moisture.

When planting ericaceous plants, be sure to keep the soil free of any weeds and other debris that may impede the root system. The best compost to use on ericaceous plants is garden-made or organic, but if you use manure or mushroom compost, be sure to check the pH balance.

Hope this article helped you learn which plants like ericaceous compost. If you have any questions feel free to let us know in the comments.

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