Sun Sugar vs Sungold Tomatoes (Top Differences)

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Check out the following article to learn more about the distinctions between Sun Sugar vs Sungold tomatoes. Sun Sugar and Sungold are both excellent choices for homegrown cherry tomatoes. Both are known for their sweet, juicy taste. They are also known for their high production.

Sun Sugar is slightly smaller than Sungold, while Sungold tends to be more uniform in size and shape. Despite their similar appearance, Sungold tomatoes are more likely to break when ripe because of their thin skin. 

Let’s find out in detail the key differences between these two tasty tomato varieties.

Sun Sugar vs Sungold


Sun Sugar and Sungold are very similar to one another in many ways, and it’s their similarities that make them sought-after within the gardens.

  • Taste: They both have a strong taste, high sugar levels, and acidity. Confident gardeners prefer the flavor that comes from Sun Sugar, while others like Sungold as their top choice.
  • Productivity and maturity: The two varieties are famous for their yield, producing tons of delicious orange tomatoes. Like many cherry tomatoes, these are also early cultivars with similar maturation dates (60 to 67 days).
  • The growth habit: Sun Sugar and Sungold develop as indeterminate tomato plants (vines). They are both very vigorous and quickly take up space if not pruned.
  • Disease resistance: Both varieties are resistant to Verticillium Wilt (V) along with Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), and Sungold has additional resistance to Fusarium Wilt (F).
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  • The main distinction between them is that Sungold tends to split more. Each variety has delicate skin.
  • However, the skin on Sungold cherries is very fragile, making them susceptible to breaking when fully mature. It’s not uncommon to observe several Sungold tomatoes split up upside down in the wake of a light shower.
  • They’re still delicious However, the tomatoes that have been split will spoil faster. Contrarily, Sun Sugar is more resistant to breakage because of its slightly larger skin (which is still very thin).

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What to Do If Your Sungold and Sun Sugar Tomatoes Are Splitting?

There’s not much you could do to stop the tomatoes from breaking completely when cultivating Sungolds. In general, you should ensure that your Sungold tomatoes are well-watered in addition to using mulch to prevent your soil from drying out so that it is uniformly wet. The transition from dry to moist conditions can increase the likelihood of splitting in any tomato, not just Sungolds.

For notorious dividers like Sungolds, the best option is to select them while they’re still ripe and allow them to ripen on your counter. This is especially crucial in the event of inundation of rain on the day because that could assure a slight split.

If you’ve got Sungold or Sun Sugar tomatoes already split while still growing, Pick them up immediately. They’re still edible but can spoil faster and attract insects.

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Are SunGold Tomatoes Sweet?

It is a very sweet tomato that is prized for its delicious flavor. It has a sweet Brix (sweetness) measurement of 9.3. It is also considered among the sweetest tomatoes.

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How Tall do Sungold Tomatoes get?

Sungold tomato plants may grow to be over 8 feet tall. Therefore, it must be staked or maintained in some other way. Because it will undoubtedly overrun ordinary tomato cages, a substantial stake of at least 8 feet planted into the ground while the plants are seedlings, or a wire-mesh arch created over the plants, may be preferable.

How Tall do Sun Sugar Tomatoes get?

During the growth season, Sun Sugar plants may reach a height of 4-6 feet inside a big tomato cage. If well-supported and growth circumstances are favorable, these indeterminate plants can continue to grow larger, reaching 8-10 feet in height. To support your plant, use a tomato cage or a tomato stake.


In the end, the two varieties are alike in every aspect, except that ripe Sungold cherry tomatoes are more prone to breaking than Sun Sugar tomatoes, which have a more robust skin. Both taste extremely sweet, with the right amount of acidity. Both are highly productive and vigorous plants that develop early and have similar disease resistance.

So if you’re cultivating Sungolds and searching for an alternative that is more resistant to splitting, Try growing Sun Sugar if splitting isn’t an issue, plant both to see which is best in your yard and which one you like for its flavor.

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