Shangri La Pothos Care Guide – How to grow Sleeping Pothos

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Sleeping Pothos is one of the most unusual indoor plants. These Shangri La Pothos Care tips will help you grow your plant easily

Epipremnum Aureum Shangri La is prized for its curly leaves and bright green leaves. The vine plant can grow up to 3 feet in length. Here’s all the information Shangri La Pothos Care if you are interested in adding this vine plant to your indoor plants’ collection.

Shangri La Pothos Propagation

Cutting stems is the best way to propagate Shangri La Pothos. The cuttings can be placed in water or on the ground. Spreading is best when it is warm. This is usually in the summer, spring or fall in cold climates.

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  • Cut 4-6 inches from a healthy stem. Lower foliage should be removed, but the upper leaves must remain intact.
  • Place the cut into a glass jar with unchlorinated tap water. Make sure to change the water every 2-3 days. Keep it in direct sunlight. After a few weeks, the plant will begin to take root. You can then continue to grow in water.
  • If you wish to grow the plant, soak the cut end in a rooting hormone. Then plant the plant directly in the initial seed mixture or clay soil with any previously added fertilizer.
  • To increase humidity, water well and cover the pot with plastic bags or a greenhouse. Anything that is exposed to direct sunlight and heat is okay.
  • These DIY ideas will show you how to make a mini-greenhouse and cloche for your cuttings.


Soil Requirements

Shangri La Pothos thrives in well-drained soils. Fattening is also possible with any type of culture medium that is too heavy or holds too much water.

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You don’t have to use garden soil for cultivation. You can also modify it with a bit of coarse sand and compost, coco peat, or moss. You can also use a culture medium for succulents or cacti. It should be mixed with coconut, peat moss, compost, or aged manure.

Plant Location

The plant will tolerate full sun, but it is happy to be in full shade. To keep the plant healthy, you need to place it where it gets bright sunlight. Indirect and direct.

It is best to place it next to an east-facing window to get direct sunlight in the morning. This will not be harmful to your foliage. This will help the plant produce vibrant leaves and more marble.


Water Requirements

Shangri La Pothos is a plant with a very shallow root system. Overwatering it might lead to root rot. Water it just when the soil seems dry.


Moisture is another important aspect of Shangri La Pothos’ growth. It is a tropical plant that needs moisture levels between 50 percent and 70 percent. The trick is to place the pot in a tray of pebbles filled with water. Spraying the leaves once or twice a day will work, too.

To combat dry air, use a humidifier.


Shangri La Pothos prefers temperatures between 60-85 F and 15-30 C.

Shangri La Pothos Care


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Shangri La Pothos can be grown indoors. You can trim off any dead or damaged leaves. To keep it bushier, you can trim it. To prevent any plant diseases, sterilize all tools before you cut them.


If you use a high-quality pot mix, the plant will do fine for a long time without food. To increase the plant’s growth, you can apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-7 weeks. Follow the instructions on how to apply it.


Pests and Diseases

Shangri La Pothos is relatively immune to pests and diseases. Inadequate care can make Shangri La Pothos more vulnerable to fungal and bacterial diseases.

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Common insects such as mites and porcine can also be a problem. You can either pick them by hand or use strong water to remove them.



Due to the calcium oxalate crystals, this pothos variety can be slightly toxic. It can cause irritation to the lips if swallowed. To keep the plant safe, keep it out of reach of children, kittens, and puppies

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The most important thing to consider when caring for a Shangri-La Pothos is how much water it requires. Root rot can be caused by excessive watering. This plant has a shallow root structure. To maintain the proper moisture levels, mist your Shangri La Pothos plants two or three times per week. Place them in a water tray on stones, and keep them at 50-70 percent humidity. You can place them in a water tray on stones if you live in a climate that is not too dry.

A Shangri La Pothos can grow in a moderate to warm climate. However, it does not thrive in direct sunlight for more than two hours in the morning. Moreover, it is unlikely to survive well in a room that is too dark. It will eventually become sloppy and die. This plant is easy to care for so don’t worry if you’re new to pothos.

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