How to Grow Potatoes in Texas in 2023

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If wondering how to grow potatoes in Texas, you have come to the right place. By picking the correct type for your location, you may grow tasty, great-tasting potatoes in Texas.

We’ll talk about which potato kinds are ideal for Texas and what conditions they need to grow.

How to Grow Potatoes In Texas?

Texas is considered zone seven. This means that the soil can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of the low yields and cold temperatures in winter, potatoes are not usually grown in zone 7.

If you have electricity and heat, you can grow potatoes.


Texas has many great varieties of potatoes, including fingerling and red skin.

You should not plant the same variety next to each other as they need different cultivars (cultivated types).

Too close to each other can cause diseases such as scabs and blight, which can affect both plants.

In the warm months, potatoes are more susceptible to blight (zones 4 through 9).

One person should plant 150 pounds of potatoes.

Texas is a good place to grow them. It’s better to eat the crop right away.

They need lots of water and can be affected if they don’t get enough moisture for even a few days.

These are the top tips for planting potatoes:

  • Make sure you plant them when frost is gone and the soil temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Plant seed potatoes with at least two eyes to get the best results. These are the nodes that allow new plants to sprout.
  • Potatoes should not be planted deeper than 12 inches (30cm) because they require sunlight for good growth.
  • Dig out your garden soil and let it sit in a pile for two weeks before you plant.
  • This will allow dirt to aerate and kill harmful bacteria and weed seeds.
  • You should plant potatoes 18 inches apart. They can grow up to six to eight feet high.
  • To aid in germination, make sure you water your potatoes after they are planted.
  • If the soil is clay-like, you can make furrows, which are long shallow trenches, and then place the seed potatoes inside.
  • This will save you space, time, and water.
  • Cover them with dirt or mulch up to the necks (the point at which the leaves emerge) after about two months of growth.
  • Mulch over leaves is not a good idea as it can cause rot.
  • To avoid waterlogging, potatoes need lots of sun and heat.
  • They produce their crop in the summer months. It is ready for harvest around 100 days after it has been planted.
  • Three weeks after the vines have died back, you are able to harvest your potatoes.
  • To ensure that they have enough energy for the next cycle, leave at least four inches of foliage.
  • Cover the harvest with straw or mulch and let them go until you are ready to harvest again.

When to plant Potatoes in Texas?

North Texas potatoes growers must be careful about when they plant them. To be good quality and ripe, potatoes need to be matured for more than 100 days.

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The planting time for potatoes starts in the last 10 Days of February and goes through mid-March.

To grow well, potatoes must be kept at a cool temperature in order to allow photosynthesis to produce sugars.

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Sugar storage in potato plants ceases when daytime temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit (F), around the first of June in North Texas.

You should plant potatoes at least 3-4 weeks before the last frost date. The average last frost date in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Denton regions is March 20-25.

For best results, potatoes should be planted between February 20th and March 15.

It takes potatoes 3-4 weeks to germinate and emerge. The frost line is where potatoes will burn off. Potatoes can be sensitive to frost.

The potato roots are formed from the seed potato. They then grow into the soil and benefit from the balanced fertilizer (13-13-13), which is better for them.

The fertilizer 15-5-10 is absorbed into the soil by rain and irrigation as the potato grows.

It is more beneficial for the formation of stems and leaves. Potatoes develop from underground stems, which are below the soil surface and above the seed potato.

Potato varieties for Central Texas

There are over 4000 varieties of potato in the world. A local nursery can help you find the best selection for your region. These are the most popular varieties of potato in Central Texas:

  • Red La Soda
  • Yukon Gold
  • Kennebec white
  • Irish Cobbler
  • Red Pontiac

Red Pontiac is my favorite, both in terms of performance and flavor. It has always been a joy to grow, both in summer and winter.

How can you prepare the soil to plant potatoes in Texas?

The soil should have a pH of around six if you wish to grow potatoes here.

If you don’t know what pH is, it stands for “potential hydrogen” and can be used to determine how acidic or alkaline something (in this case, soil) will be.

A soil reading of seven or more indicates that it is acidic. A reading higher than seven signifies that the soil is alkaline.

A simple kit can be purchased at your local hardware or garden supply store to test the soil’s pH.

Once you get your results, you have various possibilities for making changes. Everything is dependent on the sort of soil you have.

For those who don’t want to test their soil, there is an easier alternative: plant potatoes in raised beds with pre-mixed potting soil.

This potting mix was made for this purpose. It will give you all the nutrients that you need to grow potatoes in a short time.

How deep should potatoes be planted in Texas?

Potatoes should only be planted two inches deep.

This allows potatoes to develop healthy roots that allow them to grow sturdy and strong plants.

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Where can you grow potatoes in Texas?

It’s better to plant potatoes in the spring or early summer if you live in a warmer area like the Dallas-Fort Worth region or Houston area. to plant.

There are many other ways to grow potatoes. However, this is the best way to get the maximum yield possible for that growing period.

You can harvest potatoes in spring or autumn.

It is more difficult to grow potatoes in colder climates. They need heat so it is best to live in areas with very hot summers, like San Antonio or Austin.

So that they can ripen in summer, I recommend planting potatoes between March and April.

You can also grow potatoes in the fall.

It’s still a challenge to get potatoes to mature and grow before the temperatures drop. I recommend that you plant your potatoes from mid-September to mid-October in most parts of Texas.

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It’s best to plant potatoes in March or April if you live in an area that doesn’t get too cold or has hot summers, like around Lubbock and Amarillo.

Fall potato crops are more likely to be successful if they are planted in late July or August.

How to propagate potatoes in Texas?

Cuttings are pieces of tubers that are used to propagate potatoes.

The potato tuber, the swollen underground stem that stores nutrients to grow new shoots or roots, is what you call it.

You can grow potatoes from both mature and seed potatoes.

To prevent seed potatoes from sprouting too early, they have been treated using a growth inhibitor (producing green-tinged leaves or shoots).

How much light do Texas potatoes need?

Potatoes require full sun.

This is not the only exception.

Plant them in partial shade if you live in an area with a short growing season (between 90 and 150 days). This will allow them to get enough light while still producing good quality plants when there is enough sun.

The exception to this rule is greenhouse horticulture.

Planting potatoes in a greenhouse will make it difficult to give them the entire spectrum of light they require for photosynthesis.

This problem can be avoided by placing lights near the plants as they sprout so that they have enough energy to produce.

It is sufficient to be aware of how much sunlight you are getting if you have a large area of plants.

If your potatoes plants get too much light, you should keep an eye on them. You also need to water them frequently to ensure that they are getting the maximum yield.

How to water potatoes in Texas?

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You must water potatoes regularly in Texas to grow them.

Watering is essential for plants’ growth and will make it easier to identify rotting plants.

A drip irrigation system can be used or a sprinkler.

You can water your plants daily or every other day depending on the weather.

You don’t need to buy a new watering system if you have one. All you have to do is adapt the system to your plants. Keep them moist but not soggy.

How can you fertilize potatoes in Texas?

Texas gardeners tend to apply light amounts of high-quality fertilizer to their potatoes.

Fish emulsion and compost tea are two common fertilizers, but this is not a scientific method.

Because they are free, grass clippings can be used from the garden to benefit your potato plants.

How much time does it take to plant potatoes in Texas?

Texas takes approximately three to four months for potatoes to grow.


Texas has many different ways to grow potatoes.

You have the potential to grow many types of vegetables and plants if you are a natural gardener.

If you want to have an easier gardening experience, grow basic vegetables such as carrots and radishes.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can always experiment with more advanced plants.

Growing potatoes in Texas is an enjoyable and rewarding activity, especially for families with children.

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