How to Grow Lichen Indoors (Best Guide)

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If you’re wondering how to grow lichen indoors, you’re in the right place. Although it’s not difficult to grow lichens, there are some things you should know in order to succeed.

This blog post will discuss how to grow lichens and offer some tips on getting started.

If you are ready to grow your own lichen indoors, continue reading.

How to grow lichen indoors


Lichens are fungus that can grow on rocks, trees and other surfaces. You can find lichens all over the globe in many colors, including red, green and blue. Many animals, such as rabbits and deer, rely on lichens for their food.

Finding a spot that is both moist and shaded is the first step to growing lichen. These conditions are preferred by Lichens because they don’t have any chlorophyll, and can’t produce their own food.

Next, collect the lichen.

They can be found on trees, rocks, and even the ground. You should ensure you have a mix of all types. You can purchase lichen from a garden shop if you are unable to find it.

Ringworm is a sign that you are ready to grow. A terrarium will be needed for them. You can do this with a glass container or jar with a lid. For drainage, place stones or gravel at the bottom and then cover it with moss.

The lichen can be added to the moss and then sprayed with water. Your terrarium should be placed where indirect sunlight will reach it. Make sure to mist it every few day.

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In a matter of weeks, you should begin to see new growth.

Remove any lichen that isn’t growing.

Fertilize your terrarium sparingly, as it can cause damage to the lichens. Even though lichen doesn’t have a root system it can absorb nutrients and water from the atmosphere.

The Lichen can also photosynthesise, meaning it can make its own food. The growth rate of lichen is very slow, at most one inch per year.

These fascinating organisms can be grown in your home with a little bit of care.

Do lichens grow in summer?


Yes, lichens can thrive all summer if the right conditions are met.

To survive, lichens require a moist environment and will grow best in areas with less evaporation.

By misting your lichens with water or sprinkling them with water, you can make sure they are happy.

You can adjust the amount you give to your lichen as necessary.

Your lichen will flourish all summer if you take proper care.

How do you encourage lichens growth?


Lichens can take many years to grow and because of that fact, they are slow-growing.

It is important to provide a suitable habitat for lichen growth. Once established, lichens don’t require much maintenance so it is important to get them started.

Here are some tips to create a lichen-friendly environment

  • Choose a location with good air circulation and lots of sunlight. Because Lichens require light to photosynthesise, a sunny spot is best.
  • Avoid pesticides and herbicides in your environment. They can be dangerous to lichens.
  • Ensure that the soil is not too acidic or alkaline.
  • Lichens prefer to live in neutral or slightly acidic environments.
  • Provide moisture sources such as a misting system, or water from a nearby body.
  • Regular watering is essential for lichens, especially in dry periods.

How long does it take for lichen to grow?


This is a difficult question to answer as lichen growth rates vary greatly depending on species and environmental conditions.

A 2018 study in New Phytologist found that the average lichen growth rate was less than 0.01 mm per annum. It would take lichen around 100 years to reach a height of one centimeter.

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The slow growth of lichens can seem to be a disadvantage but it has many benefits.

Because they grow slowly, they can survive in extreme environments that are too harsh for other plants.

What are some of the challenges in growing lichens?


Finding the right substrate is one of the biggest challenges when growing lichens. Although lichens can grow on many surfaces, some substrates are more favorable than others.

While rocks, trees, and other natural surfaces can be a good choice, concrete and man-made surfaces like it can also be useful.

The environment must be conducive to growth.

To thrive, lichens require a cool and moist environment. It can be hard to do indoors. However, it is possible with the right equipment.

It can take time to see the results of a plant grown from scratch.

Since lichens are slow-growing organisms.

When growing lichens, patience is a virtue.

It is important that you choose the best lichen for your specific needs.

There are many types of lichens. Each has its own set of unique characteristics.

Some lichens can be grown indoors better than others.

Indoors, you can grow species such as usne and reindeer.

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As with all plants, it takes time and patience to achieve success.

The rewards of owning a piece of nature you love are well worth the effort.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck.

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