How to Grow Banana Peppers (Top Guide)

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We will cover the basics of how to grow banana peppers in your vegetable garden as well as common mistakes, considerations, and tips. Growing Banana peppers can be a very rewarding experience and pleasure to have in your home garden.

How to grow banana peppers

Plant banana pepper seeds. When temperatures rise, sow the seeds in spring or summer. After the seedlings have grown out of the pot and germinated, you can plant them outside, but only if the daytime temperature is above 60 degrees.

Place your banana pepper seeds directly in the soil of your container or garden at a depth of approximately 0.5 inches (1 cm). You can either plant seeds outdoors or germinate them indoors to transplant them later. Banana pepper seeds usually take between 1 and 2 weeks to germinate fully.

Banana pepper plants should be transplanted when they are at least 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) tall.

Banana peppers should be planted in the garden at least 30-60 cm from the nearest plant.

When to plant banana peppers?

Banana peppers can’t withstand frost. The best time to plant them in spring is mid-to-late spring when there is not much chance of frost.

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If you live in the United States, consult the Farmer’s Almanac (or the USDA’s Hardiness Zones) for further frost information and ideal planting dates.

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How to grow banana peppers in pots

Containerized banana peppers can be cared for by using a well-drained soil and a large enough pot to support their root system. You should aim for a pot of approximately 577 cubic inches (9.455 cubic centimeters). For banana peppers, a typical 10- to 12-inch flower pot makes a great container.


What is the average time it takes for banana peppers to grow?

It takes on average 75 days for banana pepper seeds planted to become fully grown plants.

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What size are banana peppers?

Banana pepper plants typically grow to approximately 2 – 3 feet in height (or 75 centimeters). This can vary depending on the variety.

What amount of sun do banana peppers need?

To thrive, banana peppers require at least 6 hours of direct sun each day. Place your plants in a sunny area. They will not ripen properly if they aren’t in full sunlight.

How much water do banana peppers need?

Banana peppers love well-draining soil that is not too wet or soggy, but it should be kept constantly moist. This effect can be achieved depending on the soil type.

Make sure you water your banana peppers according to a set schedule. This ensures a healthy crop.

You will need to water your banana peppers more frequently if they are grown in pots than if they are directly planted in the garden.

Your banana peppers will need more water if their leaves turn yellow or wilt. This can also occur if the plant has too much water. This can be a tricky balance for novice gardeners. However, you will be able to estimate their thirst if you spend more time with them.

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When to pick banana peppers?

When banana peppers turn a lovely yellow color, they are ready for picking. You can remove the stem from the banana pepper plant by using a sharp knife, or scissors. You should not pull the banana peppers by hand, as this could cause damage to branches.

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Pests and Diseases

You can reduce fungal diseases and rots by taking certain measures, such as not overwatering, watering at night, and using overhead watering. It is important to plant high-quality seeds and use disease-free soil in order to prevent soil-borne diseases. The main pest problem for banana pepper plants is slugs, especially aphids.

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