How to Grow Asparagus in Texas (Top Tips)

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It is easy to learn how to grow asparagus in Texas gardens. It is however not the most productive crop. If you plan to make multiple meals out of your harvest, you will need lots of space. This vegetable grows best in cooler regions of the state

Despite its popularity, asparagus doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures. In areas of Texas, where temperatures are moderate, the crop will survive for fifteen to twenty-five years without replanting.

How to grow asparagus in Texas

Asparagus is an uncommon vegetable in Texas, but growing it is surprisingly easy. Plant the seeds from March to April and keep the soil moist until the sprouts emerge. The plants will need two weeks of full sun before they can be harvested.

Water them frequently during the first few weeks, and then once they have established themselves, they should be transplanted to a sunny spot. Once the plants are established, they will require a few more growing seasons before they reach harvestable size.

To begin growing asparagus in Texas, you need to know where to plant them. It is recommended to grow asparagus in the northern part of Texas, as it thrives in colder climates. In February, you can plant one-year-old plants and ensure a well-draining bed.

It takes a lot of time to grow asparagus from seeds. The seeds take eight weeks to germinate. After that, the plant must grow for three more years before it can be harvested.

As they are two- to three years old, crowns are the best way to grow asparagus. Only two years are required to harvest asparagus.

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How to plant asparagus in Texas?

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You can prepare a planting area by removing unsuitable soil, and then replacing it with suitable soil. An organic compost mixture of one-third sand and one-third soil. The asparagus should be planted at 18-25 inches.
In a trench, put the crowns (buds), 6 inches below soil level, But only with a thin layer above. Gradually fill the trench with soil as the growing season progresses.

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When to plant asparagus in Texas?

Asparagus is best suited to the cooler climates of northern Texas. In February, one-year-old plants can be planted in the garden. Make sure the soil is well-draining and add a full fertilizer before planting.

Asparagus prefers full sun, but it can tolerate a little afternoon shade. Asparagus plants need two years to produce spears. To harvest asparagus, divide the plant in February.

Asparagus is not the most productive crop and requires lots of space to grow. Generally, it should be planted between March and April and kept moist until it germinates.

The soil should drain well and the asparagus plants should be planted six feet apart. Once the asparagus seedlings have germinated, they need full sunlight for two weeks. After that, you can harvest the asparagus spears. This vegetable will last for several months.

What is the best soil for asparagus?

Asparagus can be grown in the same place for up to 15 years. You should choose a place for planting that is not likely to be disturbed or used in the future.

Asparagus thrives in alkaline soil. This is not an issue in many central Texas areas. Add good compost or well-rotted horse manure to prepare the soil. It should not be surrounded by weeds. If the soil is poor, you can grow asparagus in raised beds. It will not tolerate wet feet.

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What are the light requirements for asparagus?

Asparagus thrives in full sunlight, but it can also grow in partial shade.

How does asparagus look?

Crowns of asparagus are a grouping of roots that connect at the center. They look similar to a spider. After you have prepared the soil, add a bit of water to the pot and then place the crown over the roots. The crown should be placed 5-6 inches below the soil line.

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What are the water requirements for asparagus?

Asparagus doesn’t like wet or dry soil. As soon as the soil’s top inch is dry, water immediately. The soil quality and season will determine the frequency of watering.

How to fertilize asparagus in Texas?

At planting time, add an additional application of organic fertilizer. Once established, you can add another dose in the mid-winter. To encourage fern growth, fertilize the plants with a high-nitrogen fertilizer after the last harvest. This will nourish the roots.

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When to Harvest asparagus in Texas?

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Commercial crowns can be up to two years old. Therefore, spears should not be cut during the first year of growth. They reach 1.20m in height during the summer and then succumb to severe frost.

The crowns of the spears are better nourished by growing ferns. The stems will be ready to harvest after two years of growth. Do not harvest spears that are less than a pencil thickness. To strengthen the roots, leave some spears in the leaves.

How to Care for asparagus?

Asparagus is sensitive to weed competition, particularly in the first two years. It’s important to remove any unwanted vegetation as soon as possible. Spread two to three inches worth of mulch to suppress weed growth.

After the first severe frost, cut the yellow leaves and add compost to the soil. A few spears can sometimes appear in winter, even during mild winters.

Pests Control

The biggest threat to asparagus is the asparagus beetle. You should remove the insect immediately after it has overwintered in your plant. In the event of an infestation, you can either hand-pick or spray organic insecticide to kill the beetle.


While asparagus does well in the warmer parts of the state, it does not grow commercially. Although it is grown year-round in South Texas and other areas with mild winters, its peak production period is late March through early May, and it is best to plant it in an area with cooler winters. Asparagus plants grow for up to 25 years, which makes them an ideal choice for the home gardener. Hope this article helped you learn how to grow asparagus in Texas. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.

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