20 Best Houseplants With White Flowers

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Want to add a brand new houseplant to your collection, but want to be sure that it is white? There are several indoor houseplants with white flowers! By your preference, each will likely meet a specific design for your garden indoors.

Houseplants have seen a dramatic increase in popularity in the last decade, and many people who love houseplants are always looking for ways to expand their indoor plants. Sometimes, it’s just planting a plant you’d typically grow outdoors, mainly if you reside in a cold area and are enamored of the appeal of tropical white, warm flowers.

The appeal of houseplants is that they will thrive in any space, provided they are adequately cared for. Beginners can start by planting a houseplant before transitioning to the more secluded outdoor garden environment.

If you are a fan of white flowers and are searching for a new plant, this is our top houseplants featuring the white color!

  • Amaryllis
  • Angel Wing Begonia
  • Tuberose
  • Baby’s Toes
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Anthurium
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Gardenias
  • Geraniums
  • Arabian Jasmine
  • Kalanchoe
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Stephanotis
  • Moth Orchid
  • Dendrobium Orchid
  • Oxalis
  • Cyclamen
  • Peace Lily
  • Inch Plant
  • Queen of the Night


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Make sure to keep your Amaryllis in a spot that is well-lit and is located on a southeast, south, or southwest windowsill away from direct sunlight.

Amaryllis flowers are famous for their stunning blooms and their durability. Even though it only produces between one and two blooms per bulb, many bulbs can be planted in the same pot. This results in stems that are not leafy with bright white flowers on the top. Amaryllis is typically available in white or red however some varieties have bright white petals that have pink hues around the edges.

They will last for many years and continue to bloom in the indoor space, particularly pruning them once they die and ensuring they’re well-watered. Fertilization is vital, but the most crucial step is to avoid overwatering the amaryllis plant. When the plant’s soil becomes wet, the bulb is more likely to turn brown.

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Angel Wing Begonia

20 Best Houseplants With White FlowersPin

Angel Wing Begonia feels surprisingly simple and is excellent in light shade.

The begonia with angel wings is white in flowers. However, the main attraction of this begonia is its dark-green leaves, with red undersides. The leaves are massive and are shaped like an angel’s wings, giving it its nickname. After it blooms, adorable tiny white flowers sprout along the stems and add a touch of white to an otherwise magnificent plant.

The flowers of the angel wings begonia could be white or pink, orange or red; however, the most commonly used color is white. The more bright (indirect) light you plant the flowers under, the greater the number of blooms they’ll produce. If properly cared for, you can expect to see several seasons blooming in this huge home plant.


20 Best Houseplants With White FlowersPin

Tuberose blooms late. The flowers usually bloom between July through October.

The tuberose was first discovered within Southern Mexico as a wild plant, but it has since been grown to the point that it is now an ornamental house plant. It requires water and plenty of sunshine to flower; however, when it blooms, it displays beautiful white blooms that look like Lilies much more than roses.

Tuberoses are utilized in perfumes and provide a pleasant scent in your living space. If you’re sensitive or allergic to smell, it’s a good idea to open your window when the flowers are blooming. Tuberoses are very strong in scent. But, their bouquets are beautiful and can add beauty to your home.

Baby’s Toes (Fenestraria Rhopalophylla)

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“Baby’s Toes” can be distinguished through its durability, drought resistance, and rapid adaptability to changing conditions.

A few of the white blooms on “Baby’s Toes” are huge; however, they are not the ones that would be on a baby’s toes. This small desert plant can be fascinating to plant with its leaves that resemble rocks to its sudden burst of daisy-like blooms in the fall. It doesn’t need much water; however, it’s “leaves” that look like rocks may become a bit wimpy, signaling that it’s time to water.

Baby’s toes are named after the tiny succulent stalks that look like a newborn’s feet. They are tiny and rise upwards and are topped by rock-like leaves and delicate white blossoms. They are easy to take care of and make an exciting addition to any collection of houseplants.

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Christmas Cactus

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Maintain the Christmas Cactus in a sunny spot in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight. The plant is unhappy with soil that is too dry or too wet.

The Christmas Cactus, another succulent, is considerably bigger than a baby’s toes. The blossoms hang gracefully from the long chains of leaves. Thanks to an easy watering schedule and a few weeks of blossoming, it’s easy to take care of throughout the year.

It is not to be confused with its close relatives, the Easter and Thanksgiving Cacti, this succulent blooms through the winter. It will bloom throughout the coldest seasons of the year when it receives enough warmth. It can also bring bright white flowers to your house.

It’s a good idea to know that Christmas Cactus can also survive some neglect. It can flourish in dim light if turned into an area with indirect light when needed.


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Anthurium leaves must be sprayed from time to time with a damp sponge, or give the plant the benefit of a “bath” in the bathroom and water it from the top and then wash away the dust.

Anthuriums come in many shades, with white and red being the most well-known. They last for months and don’t require much attention, which makes them the perfect home plant for novice or inexperienced gardeners. White anthuriums are particularly beautiful, with single stamens emerging in the middle.

Anthurium plants originate located in equatorial zones and require plenty of humidity and heat. If you own an indoor sunroom or greenhouse, that is a great spot to plant your plant. They are tolerant of poor lighting conditions and can survive with little maintenance. Avoid heating or air conditioning units while placing the flowers. Also, be aware that they can be toxic to humans and pets.

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Crown of Thorns

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If you live in a cold area, Crown of Thorns can winter only with sufficient sunshine and a warm soil temperature.

Despite its Biblical and sobering name, this crown of thorns is nothing but joy for a gardener at home. The plant is simple to take care of and flowers throughout winter and perhaps all year. Its tiny, white flowers make the coldest winter months slightly warmer.

The sharp spiny stems made this plant so famous. But, the flowers also remind us of a crown, having two petals that form a perfect circle around the plant. If you’re planning on caring for the crown of thorns, be aware that it’s poisonous for cats, particularly.


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Gardenias grow as a bush approximately 3 feet high with stunning leaves of dark green that sparkle and bloom from July until October and have white snow-white flowers.

Gardenias are among the most sought-after plants, whether outside or inside the house. Gardenias are usually featured in the garden or yard with their gorgeous flowers and straight, long stems. However, they can be planted and kept indoors for a year to ensure health and beauty. Gardenias come in many shades, including white.

If left unmanaged, they can get up to eight feet in height. If you don’t have the space to accommodate a large potted plant in your house, it is essential to trim them frequently to ensure it stays in a manageable state. Taking care of your gardenia plant will last up to 50 years inside your home and will bloom bright white throughout the year.


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Geraniums do not stand up to extreme cold or low humidity during winter, nor extreme heat and high humidity during summer.

Geraniums are available in many shades and are commonly used in gardens. They are offered as potted and can be planted as perennials and annuals. But, you can also plant Geraniums in your home for a long time, even if you purchased the plants as an annual bloom.

The lovely bouquets of flowers are arranged on long leaves. They may remain under one foot in their tiny size or increase to 4 feet tall. If they grow bigger, you may have to plant them in an area more prominent or even place them in a garden, so they don’t get smothered by the elements. Geraniums may be the most beautiful of the flowers listed and are definitely the most well-known.

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Arabian Jasmine

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From late spring to early fall, the Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac), a houseplant, blooms with fragrant, 1 to 2-inch white flowers. This evergreen vine has an underground taproot. Arabian jasmine requires a medium amount of wetness. Root rot brought on by too much water will destroy the plant.

The Arabian Jasmine is a warm-weather plant that prefers full sun but can withstand dampness and moderate shade. It favors slightly alkaline or acidic soil (pH of 6.1 to 7.8).

Warmer climates are preferable to Arabian Jasmine. It is hardy to Zone 9a when grown outdoors (as cold as 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -7 degrees Celsius). In the wild, this plant may reach heights of up to 12 feet inside and 4 to 5 feet outdoors.

Layering or stem cuttings are two methods of propagation for Arabian jasmine.


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Kalanchoe is a water-loving succulent, but only moderately during growth and bloom in the spring and summer months, but less frequently from autumn.

Kalanchoe is a distinct house plant adorned with a bouquet of tiny white or red flowers. White Kalanchoe is rare than red; however, it makes beautiful potted plants. Originating from Africa, this plant needs to be watered occasionally and can be damaged due to overwatering or insufficient sunlight. In other words, it is easy to take care of.

While they may not look like succulents, Kalanchoes are closely related to succulents. They can hold as many as 50 petals in each bouquet of flowers that bloom throughout the plant. Even without blooms, These tiny bushes sport lush green leaves that are great houseplants. If you take care of them with care, they’ll last for a long time.

Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley requires regular, intensive irrigation to ensure that the soil always stays moist.

The smallest of blooms in nature. These delicate flowers aren’t often considered household plants. They’re typically observed blooming as wildflowers along the slopes. But, they are actually from bulbs, and they can be transplanted into live-in pots If you like the appearance of their appearance.

With big leaflets and small hanging flowers, The lily of the valley blooms through the spring and early summer and can continue to bloom. Make sure to plant the tiny plants in larger pots because their roots are lengthy and expand. Do not expose them to direct light, but the more indirect sunlight they receive, the more likely they to flower.

Lily of the valley may be highly poisonous (You might know this from a Braking Bad episode) so keep them out of the reach of small pets and curious children.


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Stephanotis is a stunning vine with stunning blossoms and leaves that blossom through May and into summer.

Stephanotis is a sturdy plant that produces star-shaped white flowers. It’s evergreen and can bloom all the time however; it typically flowers in spring and the beginning of summer. Also called Madagascar Jasmine, Stephanotis isn’t closely related to the favorite scent of the flower. It does, however, have a sweet scent of its own.

The flowers are bright, with shiny green leaves and tiny delicate flowers. If you think it’s familiar, that’s because you’ve likely seen it in a prom corsage or wedding bouquet. Because Stephanotis flowers can survive in a dry environment for a few days and are a standard option for floral arrangements made from cut flowers.

The plant isn’t the easiest plant to maintain. It needs the right amount of sunlight, humidity, and water, and it nearly only grows inside (unless you live in a tropical area). It is not a plant we would recommend to beginners in botany!

Moth Orchid

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Moth Orchid needs diffused bright light or even a slight shade.

The capacity of orchids to flourish indoors is well recognized, but they require more specialized care than many other plants on this list. If given the right care, moth orchids have a gorgeous white tint with pink streaks and endure for years.

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When caring for orchids, it is essential not to overwater them, or the roots could rot. However, you need to ensure that you don’t allow the orchid to get dry and then fall apart. Direct sunlight is essential, but too much can cause the flower to turn brown. It’s a delicate balance, but it’s worth it for some of the most delicate flowers on the market.

There are wide varieties of orchids that can be white. However, moth orchids are included on this list due to their ability to bloom various flowers simultaneously. Heron and butterfly orchids are both white and beautiful in their unique way.

Dendrobium Orchid

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The dendrobium orchid, which resembles the moth orchid in appearance, is a stunning beauty with large white petals that bloom the length of the stem. These exquisite houseplants with white flowers are a lovely complement to any bookcase, dining room table, or windowsill.

These slow-growing epiphytes, which are native to Southeast Asia and often grow on other plants rather than on their own, may need staking or other support to develop correctly.

Dendrobium orchids should never be let sit in water to prevent root rot and other fungal diseases. They also need soil that is wet but well-drained. Your dendrobium orchid should only be watered until the sphagnum moss in which it is placed feels dry to prevent overwatering.


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Oxalis is one of the shade-tolerant plants. This makes it much easier to plant plants in the gardens and at home.

The Oxalis isn’t a plant that you can find in a typical nursery. It comes in two major varieties, with both having white flowers. One kind of Oxalis has leaves of light green and the different (more striking) variant features deep purple foliage. Both are stunning, and the distinctive form of the leaves makes them stand out more.

Oxalis are thought to be lucky plants due to the fact that their leaves are designed to resemble the shamrock from Irish folklore. The plants are adorned with flowers resembling lily shapes several times throughout the year, but they’re most effective when kept indoors.

No matter if you discover a regular and wine (purple) species of Oxalis, think of yourself as a lucky gardener.


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The Cyclamen flower best suits your home’s coolest and brightest spot.

Cyclamen is a plant in pots with deep purple and dark green foliage with a bouquet of pink, white, or red blooms. It’s particularly sought-after during time like Christmas or Valentine’s Day because of its seasonal blooms and festive shades. The white flowers are simple to find and provide an element of purity to the dark foliage.

Cyclamen’s flowers are arranged in a bunch and are typically sealed off from sunlight. The petals don’t expand; however, they create a tiny tent for the stamen. This results in a lovely dark-colored bush that is dotted with white. Cyclamen is also very simple to take care of, making it a simple choice for a gardener to enjoy.

Peace Lily

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Peace lilies are everyday houseplant that requires a lot of irrigation.

Peace lilies aren’t technically considered lilies, but they are called that. They’re a form of succulent plant and do not contain petals. Different leaves characterize them. The leaves are white and act as a protective hood for the plant’s stamen, but they look similar to white blossoms.

The reason peace lilies are so well-known is the fact that they are simple to maintain. They don’t require a lot of water, and they prefer low indirect light. They’ve earned the moniker “closet plants” because they can be grown in the closet. But, if they don’t have enough sunlight, they will not “bloom” with white leaves, which means you’ll only have beautiful leaves.

Inch Plant

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Inch Plant (Tradescantia fluminensis) is a houseplant that blooms from spring through summer with tiny (less than 1 inch) white flowers. Oval-shaped leaves cover the perennial evergreen succulent. Inch Plant requires moderate moisture levels. Root rot brought on by too much water will destroy the plant in the end.

Inch Plant enjoys light to heavy shade and can handle dampness. A slightly acidic to neutral soil is what it prefers (pH of 6.1 to 7.3). Inch Plant prefers warmer climates. It is hardy up to Zone 9b as an outdoor plant (temperatures as cold as 25 degrees Fahrenheit or -4 degrees Celsius).

This plant spreads out to a width of 18 to 36 inches and a height of 10 to 18 inches. By using stem cuttings, you may propagate inch plants.

Queen of the Night

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Epiphyllum oxypetalum, often known as Queen of the Night, is a houseplant that blooms with 4 to 5-inch white flowers from late spring through summer. This succulent is perennial, has evergreen leaves, and only blooms at night.

It climbs other plants and develops there since it is epiphytic. Queen Of The Night requires a considerable amount of dampness. Root rot brought on by too much water will destroy the plant in the end.

Queen Of The Night likes a bit of shade and can stand some humidity. Warmer temps suit Queen Of The Night better. It is hardy up to Zone 10b as an outdoor plant (temperatures as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 degrees Celsius).

The natural growth of this plant reaches heights of 12 to 20 feet! (Limiting its development in a smaller container)

Queen Of The Night may be grown from stem cuttings.

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Final Thoughts

Whichever one of these beautiful houseplants you pick, your home will be adorned by beautiful blooms for a long time. Planting house plants means taking pleasure in plants not within the normal zone of hardiness without having to worry about conditions, and the flowers will last for years with your attention.

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