How to Grow Cucumbers in Florida (Fresh Guide in 2023)

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Here are some tips to successfully grow cucumbers in Florida. Cucumbers don’t like to be in the shade, but they will grow well in a sunny location. They need at least six hours of sunlight per day, so they must be placed in a sunny spot.

You can plant cucumbers with other vegetables like pumpkin, squash, and corn. For wintertime crops, try growing them in a greenhouse or cold frame.

How to Grow Cucumbers in Florida

The first step in growing your cucumber is to start from seed. If you plan to grow them in containers, you can plant up to three seeds per pot. Make sure to keep the soil consistently moist until they germinate.

The size of your container will depend on the variety you choose. Once the plants begin to grow well, you will probably need to remove them. Then, you can start again. After all, they only grow for a short period of time!

The most common method of growing cucumbers today is known as “hilling up.”

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Long rows are planted immediately next to each other with about two inches between them, which takes up some more space but makes harvesting much easier because you can pluck off the entire row by hand without bending down for each plant.

Hills should be built of raised beds filled with light soil mixed half and half with compost; as previously indicated, combine fertilizer before planting, providing a uniform distribution across all areas where plants grow.

Plant seeds at least two inches below the surface and water well.

Cucumber plants require four inches of space between rows for full development, so plant four inches apart if planted outside or two feet apart in a greenhouse.

Mounds should be six inches apart by foot, with nine seeds, each mound three inches apart; then cover it again before severely watering.

Be patient – cucumbers might take four weeks to two months to mature, depending on the variety planted.

Some types will bear fruit considerably more quickly than others.

However, when picked at different stages of maturity, they all have distinct tastes (extra green means more bitter, while creamier yellow means sweeter).

Pick your home-grown cucumbers before they reach their green ripening stage; this is when the cucumbers are the most bitter and have a more sour taste.

Fertilize plants once a week using a semi-concentrated liquid fertilizer to keep them healthy and fruit output high.

Cucumber Varieties Suitable for Florida

  • Cherokee
  • Dasher II
  • Eureka
  • Sweet Success.
  • Bush Slicer

When To Plant Cucumbers In Florida?

Florida’s North Florida’s Central Florida’s south
August and February September and February-March September through January


Cucumbers may be grown in the garden at any time of year and require no particular attention.

Some people prefer to plant cucumber seeds along a trellis, which is not required for healthy development.

It would be preferable if you planted after a good rain so that your soil is moist and healthy enough for the plants to grow.

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The soil must be at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit to germinate and grow healthy cucumbers. The winter months are not good months to plant cucumbers.

The temperatures during winter can go as low as one degree Celsius. This is why planting cucumber seeds in late spring is recommended. In early summer, temperatures will be higher.

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Once established, cucumbers should be transplanted into larger containers every 2 weeks to increase the number of harvestable cucumbers. Cucumbers grow quickly in warm soil. Cucumber plants should be three to five feet apart if planted in a row.

You can also train cucumber vines to grow vertically on trellises. Thin the plants when they are about four inches tall. Cucumber plants need plenty of water, light, and fertilizer to produce healthy cucumbers.

If you are using old seeds or want to observe rapid growth, April is the best month because it is pretty warm (minimum temperature 55 degrees F).

It will allow you to harvest earlier than if you wait until September, when temperatures begin to decrease from their summer highs of 85-90 degrees F).

Cucumber Planting in Pots

Cucumbers can indeed be grown in a pot. A larger container will fare better than a smaller one since it will be easier to water your plants. Cucumbers are voracious eaters, and a deeper soil will result in a stronger plant.

Because of their tiny nature, bush cucumbers thrive well in containers.

You may, however, trellis vining cucumbers in pots; it just seems like a bother.

What kind of soil do cucumbers like?

A well-balanced blend retains moisture while allowing for optimum ventilation and drainage. My preferred soil mixture is

  • 40% coco coir and 40% compost
  • Perlite (at 20%)
  • Castings of worms
  • Mykos

You may always use peat moss instead of coco coir. It is less expensive and simpler to get (it can be bought at most hardware stores), but its agricultural techniques are not sustainable.

Mykos is a fungal addition that creates a nutrient-sharing web.

Worm castings have very rich sources of nutrients.

This blend has given me good results, and I use it whenever I start a garden.

Do cucumbers require direct sunlight?

Cucumbers need direct sunlight to flourish.

If you want a quick harvest, sow cucumbers in containers that are set in large pots of soil and moved outside for the day.

Try using black plastic mulch to help your plant bed warm up quickly during the day.

This is a fantastic strategy to keep plants from being too chilly at night, as they will not receive much light.

Allow them around six hours of direct sunshine each day – weekends might be difficult because Florida is more gloomy than weekdays when we’re still anticipating rain showers or storms.

What should you not grow next to cucumbers?
Squash, squash, and maize are other vegetables that pair nicely with cucumber plants.

You may even grow them indoors in a greenhouse or cold box during winter.

Do Cucumbers Require Help to Grow?

Cucumbers are rising vegetables that need some assistance to grow.

Many gardeners use trellis or tomato cages to keep cucumber plants erect and organized.

If you don’t have either available in your yard, the cukes may hang due to their weight during the peak of the fruiting season.

Another option is to wrap twine around stakes and secure them to additional horizontal stakes near the plants; this approach works well with heavier fruiting crops like pumpkin.

How many cucumbers are produced per plant?

There are numerous cucumbers, but one plant should produce six to eight cukes.

They may be grown in pots at least 18 inches deep and 12-24 inches wide, with a trellis for the vines to climb on.

When growing pots, ensure the soil has sufficient drainage, so the roots don’t rot from too much water trapped in them.

How to water cucumbers in Florida?

Cucumbers are simple to water.

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Cucumbers are voracious feeders that require thorough watering at least once a week or more frequently if the weather is warm.

Watering them in the morning may be preferable to allow them to dry before the temperatures drop again at night.

Cucumber plants should not be kept in puddles of water for an extended period of time as this might cause root rot.

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Too much water also results in bitter-tasting cucumbers with rough skin and leaves that turn yellow owing to a lack of oxygen caused by drowning roots.

An intelligent approach to avoid these issues is to use mulch on garden walkways where people walk the most to keep them from becoming too muddy while providing some water to the surrounding plants.

Cucumbers can also be planted in pots with a trellis to keep the vines from spreading too far and becoming harmed by walkers or insects.

This is ideal for locations that get high rainfall during the growing season since it keeps cucumber vines relatively dry while still allowing them to receive enough sunlight.

Cucumber Fertilization in Florida

Cucumbers may be treated with compost or tomato fertilizer.

They should not be overly nitrogen-rich, promoting more significant leaf growth and fewer cucumber fruits.

Fertilize just before planting seedlings in the spring.

When growing cucumbers inside, use an organic fertilizer such as dung for the best results, as synthetic fertilizers might contain dangerous compounds to people.

Apply a pound of dirt per 300 square feet to garden beds once every three months in early summer.

Mulch is also important because it keeps water from evaporating and keeps weeds from taking over your plot by competing for light and nutrients.

It also helps to maintain a steady moisture level around the plant roots, preventing them from drying out.

Applying too much mulch may cause the soil to get moist, which will lead to rot and other fungal development.

If weeds are an issue, use plastic weed killer or untreated cardboard as long as they don’t come into touch with the cucumber vines growing on top of your beds.

This is preferable to pulling them by hand, which might result in harm.

Installing vertical trellises can also assist sustain heavy cucumbers and prevent their weight from snapping off weak stems due to abuse.

How to Harvest Cucumbers in Florida?

Cucumber harvesting varies according to variety.

If you’re growing sliced cucumbers, wait until they’re fully grown before cutting them off with a sharp knife or scissors near the ground.

Harvest pickled cucumbers when they are small enough for the desired length – pickles seldom grow longer than three inches.

If you want large ones, you can let them mature, but bear in mind that they will soften after a while, so only do this if you plan on eating them within a day or two.


Cucumbers may be grown in a variety of ways in Florida.

Choose the best scenario strategy and modify it to meet your needs.

Whether you reside on the coast or inland, with or without access to water, these ideas should help you start producing those wonderful cukes.

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