Best Hanging Plants For Kitchen in 2023

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These days, houseplants couldn’t be more fashionable. We’re actually quite happy about it. They’re not only an affordable and attractive option to add style to your kitchen however, they can also serve as useful kitchen accessories. A good plant can improve your air quality, boost the productivity and morale of your employees, or assist you in obtaining first aid if needed.

Think about the possibility of bringing some of the plants to your kitchen. They’re pretty simple to maintain so you shouldn’t make a mess of it. It’s not a secret that in the world of interior decor, hanging indoor plants are truly experiencing a revival.

If you’re looking to step up your game with plants (literally) and plant your own plants then you’re in the right spot! Plants have always been an element of the homes of many and gardens, but thanks to the advent of social media, awareness about plants is really taking off.

More than ever before, people are learning to make the most of their space and are lifting their plants up into the air, hanging them.

People are beginning to step outside of their comfort zone to explore their less-than-green thumbs as they get their hands dirtier with potting soil and playing around with the life of plants.

It is not something to be worried about with everything you can gain!

It’s difficult and confusing to figure out which type of indoor hanging plant to purchase.

There is a myriad of types! Therefore, we will examine the various kinds today.

This guide will be useful if you’re just beginning to learn about hanging plants for indoor use.

Best Hanging Plants For Kitchen

Here’s a list of the easiest-to-maintain kitchen hanging plants to hang. Great for beginners who are just getting their feet in the water!

We’ll discuss the specifics of each in the article. If you’re looking to get to know the list quickly this is it:

  • English Ivy
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Boston Fern
  • Heartleaf Philodendron
  • Spider Plant
  • Air plant (Tillandsia)
  • Mistletoe Cactus
  • String of Pearls
  • Morning Glory
  • String of Hearts

1. English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

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The lush, green plants are perfect to hang over the sink or near windows, English ivy is a breeze to cultivate indoors (as as it receives sunshine in direct lighting) and can add a gorgeous accent to any kitchen. The pointed leaves are available in various shades of green, with accents of yellow, white as well as black. So, you’ll ensure that you find the right one for the kitchen you have.

The reason it’s so great for kitchens Ivy helps to cleanse the air. It’s one of the major decreasers of indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and mold and benzene. Make sure to keep it away from cats and dogs , and also other animals, since English Ivy is poisonous to pets.

2. Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

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The plant’s popular (non-Latin) name is due to the fact that it’s virtually impossible to eradicate. Devil’s Ivy is an evergreen plant that remains green even in darkness.

The leaves of Devil’s Ivy have a heart-shaped shape and are similar to Heartleaf Philodendrons therefore, the plant is often confused with Philodendrons in retail stores.

Other popular names are Ceylon Creeper, Hunter’s Robe, Marble QueenIvy Arum, Golden Pothos, Silver Vine, Solomon Islands Ivy, Money Plant, Taro Vine, or Marble Pothos, and Devil’s Vine.

The reason it’s so great for kitchens is It needs very little maintenance and is a pleasant leaf.

Toxic to cats and dogs.

3. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

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It is said that the Boston Fern is forgiving because although it likes soil that is moist but it is more tolerant to drought. The fronds are large and slightly serrated, and they are vibrant and bright green.

If you’ve encountered problems in this particular plant be sure it’s humid enough. In the event that you do not have a humidifier try spraying the plant with water.

Other popular names are Sword Fern, Wild Boston Fern, Boston Sword Fern, Tuber Ladder Fern or Fishbone Fern, Boston Blue Bell Fern.


4. Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron hederaceum)

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This stunning climbing plant is evergreen. The name is a reference to it has heart-shaped leaves. They’re a deep, glossy green. The mature plants may have white flowers, however my plants have never produced white flowers.

They are extremely durable and can withstand drought , even if soil gets bone dry (I have experienced this personally, oops!).

If the leaves become dusty You can apply a damp towel to gently wipe them dry. The plant looks stunning as it spills out of a basket or pot.

Other common names are Philodendron or Sweetheart Plant.

Toxic to cats and dogs.

5. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

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Ah, the great ole Spider Plant. The 70s were the time of the Spider Plant’s popularity, it was a failure and was not loved any more. But guess what, it’s returning! It’s for a reason. Spider Plant Spider Plant is among the most easy plants to take care of and it is quite striking visually when it is growing.

Spider Plants produce babies, also known as “plantlets” which are offshoots that develop out of the plant. The gorgeous, thin, and gently curving leaves look stunning hanging from an ornamental basket. When you’ve got offshoots the effect can be more striking!

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Other names that are commonly used are Airplane Plant, St. Bernard’s Lily, Spider Ivy, Ribbon Plant, and Hens and Chickens.


6. Air plant (Tillandsia)

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A plant that breathes, Also known as Tillandsia is an epiphyte. This means it develops in the absence of soil. What it requires to live include plenty of light and air.

This plant needs to be planted in the soil with pH ranges between 4.0 to 8.0.

This is the ideal plant for as the brand new parent for the plants as it’s the closest thing to a simple-to-care-for plant.

It is recommended to water this plant every week by washing the plant then by using methods of drying it out. Additionally, keep in mind that they look fantastic on hanging plants!

7. Mistletoe Cactus (Rhipsalis baccifera)

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The attractive cactus features droopy and pale green stems. In the wild this Mistletoe Cactus grows attached to other plants by securing itself to moss or decaying leaves!

The plant is a flowering one and edible fruits that taste like grapes.

Mistletoe Cactus is very easy to take care of and its stems can extend as far as 20 feet in wild (this could take some time as they grow slowly). !!). It’s a great option for hanging plants.


The best method to reproduce Mistletoe Cactus: You can reproduce Mistletoe Cactus similar to other succulents by taking a cut and let the plant “callus” over.

8. String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

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The beautiful plant, featuring leaves looking like peas is a creeping, succulent vine. Like most succulents plants, it’s extremely low-maintenance and requires only a little watering.

It’s stunning when placed in a planter hanging from the ceiling with the entire vines pulled toward one side for the “spilled” effect. The trailing stems can be up to 3 or 2 feet in length.

Other popular names that refer to other common names for String of Pearls Plant are String of Beads as well as Bead Plant.

For those who are naysayers and leave comments on how difficult the string of pearls is to maintain … If you’re having trouble then you’re able to consult this informative article which will assist you. Don’t give up!

Toxic to cats and dogs.

9. Morning Glory (Ipomoea)

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Morning Glory is not a common choice for an indoor hanging plant. However, it’s one of my top choices because it’s so easy to care for!

They’re very simple to grow and very fast to start from seeds and are therefore affordable and rewarding plant growing your own. When you start from seed and you’ll have an entire, gorgeous plant in only an entire month. That was my personal experience of morning glory!

Morning Glory is a vining plant that loves to climb, however, it can also be grown and placed in hanging baskets indoors too.

There’s a huge selection of kinds of Morning Glory, but my favorite is the fabled “Heavenly Blue”.

“Heavenly Blue “Heavenly Blue” variety has tiny and delicate vines with stunning heart-shaped leaves. In a few months of seedlings being planted The plant will grow stunning trumpet-shaped blooms that open at dawn (hence”Heavenly Blue”) and close at night.

Toxic to cats and dogs.

10. String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

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Another low-maintenance evergreen trailing succulent this String of Hearts will take care of itself and look great. It’s great for hanging baskets and planters , and features vines with attractive heart-shaped leaves. The leaves tend to be dark green, but may change to a lighter shade when the plant isn’t getting enough sunlight.

Other names that are commonly used for this plant include Rosary Vine, Chain of Hearts, Collar of Hearts The Hearts-on-astring, and Sweetheart Vine.


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Things you need to know about hanging plants!

I know it’s super evident however plants are living beings. Therefore, a certain amount of maintenance is still needed!

If you’re not ready to deal with this, perhaps the real thing isn’t right suitable for you right now It’s always a good idea to consider fake greenery instead. There’s nothing wrong with this!

Many people prefer to keep a mixture of real and fake plants in their homes in accordance with their personal living circumstances.

As an example, I have a windowless bathroom in my apartment. It doesn’t matter how many articles say that there are plants that require “zero light” and will remain alive but your plant is not likely to thrive in a space that rarely receives any sunlight!

(However, there are many plants that thrive in conditions of low light I’ve listed my favorite ones here. )

In the meantime, until I get my dream home that has the ceiling to floor windows that overlook ocean views, I have to use fake plants in my dark bathroom that is windowless in prison cells (you can see how I make use of faux plants in my fantastic affordable bathroom makeover here! ).

Consider your own lifestyle. You’ll save cash in the end by avoiding buying plants that end up dying because they were put in poorly lit areas.

Be sure that you are in a position to provide them with the proper care and environment they require.

Another thing to keep in your mind is hanging planters are likely to be tougher for you to access than a typical potted plant.

Are you able to get the chair or step ladder each when you’re required to water the plants hanging from your ceiling? Are you lazy in your work and may end up not watering your plants because they’re in a secluded area?

Personally, I think this is the only reason that causes me to consider a second thought before hanging the plant in a difficult-to-reach area. I’m 5’1”, so I’ll need a step ladder for everything that is above the counter of the kitchen. I’m laughing at myself.

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There are a few points to remember when you are shopping for your next plant:

  • light How much is required? Have you got a place that is able to provide enough sunlight to support the new plants you are planning to plant?
  • water How often should it be kept hydrated? Do you be able to remember watering your plants even if it’s only every two weeks?
  • humidity – what amount of humidity is it required? Do you have a humidifier? If it’s not available, are you willing to spray your plants frequently with a spray bottle, if they require it?
  • can it be harmful? Particularly for hanging plants, the toxicity may not be as important in the event that your cat is inclined to climb the walls and find a way to enter into things you’re never supposed to (it happens!). It’s always wise to be conscious.

The advantages that indoor planters can bring

Better air quality

Everybody knows that plants and trees produce oxygen, which helps clean the air and improve quality. There’s nothing not be thrilled about!

Although I’m still not certain of the benefits I can get from the extra oxygen that I have within my house I do realize that indoor plants take in contaminants such as benzene or formaldehyde which is known to be a carcinogen. I know this because NASA declared it so. You are welcome to get geeky and take a look at their study in 1989!

Saving Space

If you’re running out of space in your home, but you are aching for more life-giving plants, hanging your pots is among the smartest things you could do.

Enhances the beauty of your home

The beauty of plants is that they are simple. Introduce a plant to your space and you’ll feel like breathing fresh air.

There are myriad kinds of textures that you can incorporate into your living space by hanging plants. You can choose to go with something that is fuzzy, something spiky or something bushy, glossy, or even a blend of all these and more. There is no limit to what you can do. It is all about the style you are looking for.

We are aware that adding textures to your home is among the numerous ways to enhance your living space and make it feel more welcoming So think about what shapes and how they appeal to you and proceed from there.

Lifting the mood

There have been numerous studies showing that plants can reduce stress and improve general wellbeing. There are numerous psychological advantages of having plants at home, so if are suffering from anxiety or depression take a look at incorporating living plants into your home.

Tips & Tricks for Indoor Plants

If you aren’t able to make holes in your ceiling or wall to hang pots for plants, there are many creative ways to hang indoor plants!

Let’s review some of my top techniques.

Use Magnetic Shelves

I am in love with the idea of gluing these shelves of white to your refrigerator, and then placing tiny pots of plant life on the shelves! It is possible to place some small pots of herb and bring a touch of green into your kitchen using these awesome magnetic shelves.

Plants with suctions are hung on the windows of your home.

If they’re not, the suction planters below appear like they are part of a lab in science.

But once planted with soil and plants they are perfect if you’ve got windows in your kitchen and need fresh herbs available when you cook!

As well as sticking to the glass you could apply suction planters to tile as well.

It is possible to enjoy a small indoor garden right at your fingertips without having to drill an inch hole in your wall!

In lieu of planters that direct suction to windows You can also get the ledges that suction to work as shelves.

Utilize a Trellis

If you’re afraid of kitchen hanging plants from the ceiling make a DIY trellis with some grids made of metal! It is possible to hang all your plants on it!

Lana Red Studio shows you how to construct an easy-to-build Trellis via her site as well as check out the short video below.

Indoor hanging plants are also easier to reach through this method and are ideal for those with smaller limbs (like me).

Utilize bookcases, shelves, or shelves on even the tops of the furniture

In the event that you own a bookcase high such as a bookcase or furniture that is tall put the trailing plants there and let the vines and leaves drop.

It’s almost guaranteed to look great.

Use the hooks above the door

It is possible to hang plants from the hooks above the door.

It’s probably best to use this technique on doors that do not receive much open/closing motion so you don’t freak your plant , or even worse, ruin it.

Make use of a coat rack that is a freestanding stand or a rack for clothes

A stylish coat rack is an awesome idea to hang indoor plants!

You could try thrifting coat racks or purchase one for a low price online to create a green space within your home.

Use a ladder

If you own an older wooden ladder it can make a stunning design to your space by covering it with plants.


It’s possible to enhance the look of your kitchen. it will help to clear the air, making it an environment that is safer for you as well as boost your imagination.

It brings a touch of nature to your kitchen and thinking up a new recipe or experimenting with that ingredient that you have been avoiding is worth it.

Choose the plant from this list and Install it to your kitchen right now!

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