Are Black Strawberries Real? (Definitive Answer)

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Are Black Strawberries real? We’ll get right into that, and we’ll get into some other color varieties of strawberries! The fruit market has been dominated by strawberries. Its bright red color, which adds to its beauty, is the main reason it is so popular. You will find red strawberries in the farmers market, but you can also get yellow and white strawberries.

Pineberries are white strawberries that have a bittersweet flavor. Yellow strawberries, on the other hand, have no particular name and are very rare.

These strawberries are a huge hit on the market but people still want other colors. Are there other colors? Continue reading to find out.

Are Black Strawberries Real?

Are Black Strawberries real? NO! Not unless you dip it into dark chocolate. There has been a recent craze for blackberries in the fruit market. These vile-looking fruits can be seen all over the internet. Many sellers offer seeds on eBay and other platforms.

Original black strawberry is an art work. John Robertson, who created black strawberry resin and spray it to be used in a Jonathan Knowles photo project almost two decades ago, was the one who did this. These photos can still be found online and used by many vendors to defraud customers.

There are many sellers who claim to be selling black strawberries seeds. Some even have photos of their gardens. Although you may think they are legitimate sellers, it is a fraud and you need to be aware.

Even if the fruit is dark in color, it is actually purple and almost appear black. These pictures show a jet black fruit, which is impossible. Mother Nature has never produced black fruits.

Why don’t people file a complaint if these sellers aren’t genuine? It is because once a person discovers that the seller is fraudulent, it is too late to file a complaint. These sellers are not even being investigated by most shopping sites.

Can Black Strawberries be Grown?

Purple strawberries are now on the market, as stated previously. But, purple strawberries can’t be grown from there because they are a result of inbreeding. You should begin looking for plants if you want to grow purple strawberries in your garden.

These fruits only grow when the plant is well-planted. Therefore, no seeds are currently available. It is better to run than risk getting black or purple strawberry seeds from a seller.

The plant is a bit expensive but you will be able to grow this rare and exotic fruit in your garden. This is not a way to plant seeds and wait for them to grow.

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It is possible for a purple strawberry plant to produce dark red seeds. These fruit plants are inbreeding and your seed will not produce the same result as the original plant.

Although black strawberries look beautiful online, they aren’t real. These photos are part of an art project in which John Robertson made a fake black strawberry. Many sellers on eBay promise you a blackberry plant. However, they are often scammers.

Purple strawberry plants are rare and costly, as mentioned previously. These plants are not able to grow and it is unlikely that a strawberry will turn black.

Many scammers promise strawberry seeds in a variety of colors, including green, pink, and rainbow. They show images that are merely the result of photoshop to deceive innocent people. These sellers should be informed before you purchase any strawberry seed that claims to offer you other than red, yellow, or white berries.

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Real strawberry colors

Black strawberries are a scam. However, there are many options for strawberry colors.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Purple strawberries

Purple strawberries are more intense than traditional red strawberries and they’re the closest thing you can find to a black strawberry.

This beautiful color is a characteristic of the variety. It has a very sweet and vibrant taste. The only purple variety on the market is “Purple Wonder”.

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Yellow strawberries

Yellow strawberries taste just as good as red strawberries. Their fruits are often about the same size or smaller than common red varieties.

“Yellow Wonder”, a yellow variety that is very popular in Europe, is called “Yellow Wonder”.

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White strawberries

Red strawberries might have yellowish or reddish seeds that look familiar, like red strawberries.

You’ll likely see “White Soul” and “Pineberry” types of white strawberries.

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Red strawberries

Red strawberries, of course, are the ones that we all love and know.

It is possible to find red strawberries in many varieties at almost every large grocery store, garden center, or online. Some varieties produce large berries while others produce smaller berries. The length of the fruiting season can be determined by whether you choose permanent or June port type.

You should be able to find red strawberries that grow well no matter what your local climate, soil conditions, or other factors are.

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They are delicious and beautiful. A Nutrition Reviews research study also revealed that strawberries are a good source for many nutrients.

  • Polyphenols
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Fiber

The same study recommends that strawberries and other berries are an important part of a heart-healthy diet. You can eat strawberries in any color you like (legitimate).

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Check out this article if you want to learn how to grow strawberries indoors.

How to spot a seed sale scam

Online marketers are often responsible for fake seed scams.

These scams are most prevalent on E-bay, but I have also seen them on Amazon.

There are many trusted vendors selling high-quality seeds on these platforms, which can make it difficult to tell the difference.

There are some clues that you can look out for.

  • Instead of listing a complete inventory, the seller offers a very limited selection (perhaps just black strawberries seeds) of products.
  • You’re being sold something that you have never heard of. It does not necessarily mean that they are a scammer, since new varieties of plants appear every year. It’s worthwhile to spend some time researching before you rush to buy seeds.
  • Number of sales and reviews. Although this is obvious, it can be a sign that others have been scammed before you.

Although internet scams can be very real, don’t let unscrupulous fraudsters stop you from purchasing seeds online. This is the most efficient and, for most people, the only way to find new varieties of plants.

Although it is risky to buy small-scale sellers on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, there are legitimate sellers on all three platforms. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check out the reviews of previous customers and look at the sales history. You might also want to reconsider buying expensive seeds.

Keep in mind, there are many trusted seed companies online. Those that offer inheritance seeds often have the best selection.

Botanical Interests is my favorite place to order seeds online. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is also my favorite. Other gardeners like ordering from Burpee or Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

These quality sellers will not sell fake black strawberry lists, so you can be sure that there won’t be any!


Don’t fall for the fake black strawberry pictures in online ads. These are just a few of the many photoshop manipulations. If you are looking for something more than the red strawberry, there are many other varieties, such as yellow, white, or purple strawberries.

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