Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite (Detailed Review)

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Since the 2006 invention of the Aerogarden, it has been considerably simpler to grow vegetables and herbs indoors. Since then, technology has improved significantly, and there are other Aerogarden versions to select from.

And it might be difficult to choose the right one for you based just on their website.

For $30 more, do you need stainless steel finish? Maybe because you are different in more ways than one, according to several websites. To assist you in deciding between Harvest and Harvest Elite and selecting the ideal indoor garden for your family, I have put together this Aerogarden comparison.

Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite – Brief Overview

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Aerogarden Harvest

Anyone new to indoor gardening should choose Aerogarden Harvest. Even the poorest gardener can quickly grow healthy plants with these systems since they have the ideal lighting, plant food, and watering system for growing up to 6 plants at once.

Elite Aerogarden Harvest

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite is a more sophisticated variant with extra features not found in the standard Harvest.

What distinguishes Harvest from Harvest Elite?

The stronger digital display and stainless steel finish are what set the Harvest Elite apart from its predecessor. These are the key distinctions, however there are a few others that I’ll discuss below.

Size and measurements

The dimensions of these two Aerogarden versions are the same. They include six pods, so you can produce six different kinds of herbs and veggies simultaneously.

Aerogarden Harvest

  • Height Increase: 12 inches
  • Type of display: Click the button
  • 6 x 10.5 x 17.4 inches are the size.
  • 6 Subs, number of pods
  • Power of LED: 20 Watts
  • WiFi not enabled:

Aerogarden Elite

  • Height Increase: 12 inches
  • LCD screen, kind of display
  • 6 x 10.5 x 17.4 inches are the size.
  • 6 Subs, number of pods
  • Power of LED: 20 Watts
  • WiFi not enabled:


  • LCD display with a stainless steel finish
  • Vacation timer with plant food
  • Timer for days till planting

LED Grow Lamps

The grow light is one of the most crucial components of indoor herb gardens. Since the plants are inside, you must provide something to simulate natural sunlight in order for them to thrive correctly.

The lighting system used by both variants of the Aerogarden Harvest series is made up of LED lights that are identical in terms of both size and power. The lights, power, and light cover on both versions are identical.


20-watt LED grow lights are included with Harvest and Harvest Elite.

In relation to the size of your growing area, strength is useful to know, but more strength does not always equate to superior product quality. 20–40 watts per square meter of grow space is often recommended, therefore the 20 watts in each of these models is approximately correct.


Since the lights on both types are very bright, you should consider where you want to install them in your Aerogarden.

If you live in a studio apartment or if your bedroom is the only practical location for it, you may also get an Aerogarden cover to help reduce the brightness a little. This LED light is no joke, so it can be difficult to fall asleep otherwise.

Light and Height Adjustment

Although it isn’t one of Aerogarden Harvest’s more well-known features, it is nonetheless important to mention. There are 5 height adjustments on the basic Harvest model. You may select one of those 5 height levels using a knob on the rear of the bar.

You may modify the Harvest Elite model’s liquid level at any point along the rod since it is a liquid level adjustment. This offers a more fluid experience and is much more adaptable.

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Potency and pods

Different kinds of vegetables and herbs can be grown simultaneously in seed pods since they are independent spaces. With the six pods that come with Harvest and Harvest Elite, you may cultivate up to six plants at once. A starting package of fresh herbs is typically included with Aerogarden to offer you something to plant.

The herb kit includes:

  • Curly parsley
  • Dill
  • Italian basil
  • Thyme
  • Thai Basil
  • Thyme
  • Mint

This provides a fantastic starting point, but if you’d like, you may get more seed packages (such as cherry tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc.). Additionally, you may make your own DIY seed pods and use whatever you choose to put your seeds in.


WiFi incompatibility affects Harvest and Harvest Elite equally. Check out the Bounty and Bounty Elite variants of Aerogarden if you want it to remind you to water your plants via push notifications.

Digital display and control panel

The two have quite distinct control panels and button layouts. The Harvest model features three buttons but no readout on the LCD. Several options are available on the LCD screen of the Harvest Elite model.

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You may customize the Harvest Elite control panel so that different herbs and vegetables receive the proper amount of light.

Your settings are as follows:

  • 17 hours of light for herbs
  • 16.5 hours of light in a salad
  • Veggies have a 16-hour day.
  • 24-hour light period

Other functions of the LCD control panel include:

  • Notifications to add water
  • You must increase your intake of nutrients and plant-based meals as the day approaches.
  • How long did it take your plants to grow?
  • sleep mode

Vacation Mode

Another significant distinction between the two is rest. Lights are turned off sooner than usual in sleep mode so that they consume less water while you are away and don’t dry out.

If you travel frequently, this configuration is ideal because it will be challenging to manage otherwise. Watering Aerogarden systems typically takes place every two to three days.


The Aerogarden system’s water pump is typically the loudest component. Your plants don’t just sit in a water well all the time; instead, a pump circulates water over them so they may be watered as necessary.

Nutrition and water reminders

When the water level is at risk of becoming dangerously low or when it’s time to add plant food, Harvest and Harvest Elite will both remind you. How you remind yourself makes a difference.

The buttons on the Harvest model will glow red.

On the LCD panel, the Harvest Elite model will be shown to indicate if it has to be replaced or not. Additionally, a countdown timer until the point at which nutrients must be supplied is shown on this screen, providing you a forewarning.

Planting food

They will ultimately require more plant food, just like when growing any plant inside. There are substitutes for the liquid plant food that Aerogarden manufactures and sells.

Any plant’s seed has the necessary nutrients to develop its first set of leaves and grow to a height of a few centimeters. But when he gets to that point, he needs some assistance, and you should add plant food.

Fortunately, the Aerogarden includes some plant food and features alerts that tell you when to feed your lettuce and plants.

Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite – Detailed Comparison

If you still can’t decide which one is the best for you, let’s get a bit more in-depth and see how this two compare.

The Aerogarden Harvest’s Features

Harvest is a sturdy plastic item that is black in color. Normally, it comes with a six-pack of herb seeds, but as long as you follow the instructions and plant them closely together, you may grow whatever type of plant you choose.

Aerogarden harvesting benefits

Good for novice gardeners

This type includes an automated control panel and is simple to operate. It has modern technology that does everything for you, including turning on and off lights. Since it is lightweight, novices would appreciate it.

Includes enhanced seeds

This model has six pods that can expand up to five times more quickly than those of other variants.


It’s difficult to discount how useful this paradigm is. You may use it on your desktop because of how little it is. Both versions use little power and water, and they require little cleaning and upkeep.

Decreases pests

Pest danger is decreased because you are growing plants hydroponically rather than in soil.

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System management

You have ultimate control of everything with Aerogarden Harvest. The plants’ ability to grow depends on the growth circumstances, all of which are under your control.

Harvest from the Aerogarden has drawbacks

More expense

Aerogarden Harvest is an upgraded version that costs more money. Because of the expanded functionality, enhanced systems, and greater lighting, the price is higher.

The seeds are costly.

When the seed pods in the kit run out, you must purchase more pods. Although costs might soon mount, you’ll have some savings on food.


The pump on the Aerogarden Harvest, according to reviews, makes an aquarium-like noise that is louder. The sound can be an issue for visitors, even if you might not notice it right away after it has been running for so long.

Features of Aerogarden Harvest Elite

There are numerous reasons why people adore Aerogarden Harvest Elite, an upgraded version. Gardening has become even simpler thanks to new features from Miracle-Gro.

Benefits of Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Simple to install

The Harvest Elite is so simple to set up that even a little kid could handle it.All pieces are included as a kit, and no tools are required. The instructions from Aerogarden provide all the information.

Simple to use

It’s difficult to contest this system’s simplicity. When it’s time to add extra water and fertilizer, the control panel notifies you. You don’t have to hazard a guess as to what your plants need. Additionally, the device automatically switches on and off the lights.

An enhanced LED control system

A refreshed dashboard has been implemented by Miracle-Gro. To ensure that your plants receive the greatest quantity of nutrients, the system is modified in accordance with its unique spectrum.

It also provides you with quicker outcomes and a plentiful crop.

You may grow more with the LED system without incurring additional fees. The 20 W lighting system is efficient in terms of energy use.

Calm Pump

One of the changes made to the Harvest Elite was the addition of a quiet pump. If the regular Harvest model’s volume bothers you, the Elite will increase your enjoyment of indoor gardening.

Greater seed selection

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite features a more reliable alternative for seed sets and comes with six pods. Seeds may be purchased online.

Aerogarden Harvest Elite disadvantages

Expensive bulbs

According to the instructions, two bulbs should be changed every six months. These bulbs are expensive, and Amazon has the best price. The cost is higher than that of comparable LED lights, though.

Pricier water

You have to utilize a different kind of water, which could surprise you. If the tap water is excessively salty, you must purchase water from the shop.

Seed packages are pricey.

Of course, Harvest Elite contains pricey seed sets no matter what you do. The price of seed pods vary depending on where you are. The cost and quality vary depending on where you get it, however, it is more expensive than buying regular seeds.

High-Intensity Lights

Another thing to consider is that having an Aerogarden is similar to relaxing someplace because of how brilliant the lights are. They employ extremely bright lighting that might make it difficult to sleep.

So keep them away from where people are sleeping.

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Final Verdict on Aerogarden Harvest vs Harvest Elite

Are you attempting to defend the Aerogarden Harvest Elite’s higher cost? Regardless of the type you select, there are extra expenses like grow bulbs and planting poles. The Aerogarden Harvest Elite is a more energy-efficient version of the original model and is for you if you want a quieter model with a larger seed selection and an upgraded control panel.

The Aerogarden Harvest is ideal for you if you want something that lets you grow plants indoors. Be aware that the pump is noisier, which can disturb you. These two designs will allow you to produce a lot of food within your home!

Some people may consider such amenities to be worth the extra $30, especially if they complement other stainless steel equipment. However, for other people, the Harvest model’s simpler design is ideal.

Regardless of the design you choose with, indoor gardening and being able to see plants develop in your own house are thrilling experiences, especially if you’ve never been able to grow plants and keep them alive before.

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