16 Most Popular Flowers in Japan (Names and Meanings)

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Today we’ve picked the 16 most popular flowers in Japan. Why 16, well we’ve started a list with the top 15 most popular Japanese flowers, but simply couldn’t exclude one more.

Many Japanese flowers have beautiful and holy connotations, and each serves a different function for individuals who adore them. Japanese flowers come in a wide range of forms, dimensions, and hues.

One of the most culturally advanced nations in the world is Japan. People travel here from all over the world because of its fascinating culture and rich history. A beautiful, well-kept Japanese garden may come to mind when you think of Japan, and many people strive to recreate the elegance of these outdoor areas.

When you consider gardens with fascinating statuary, water features, and of course, flowers, it makes sense. However, you must make sure that the flowers you pick give the room a genuine atmosphere if you want to create your own Japanese sanctuary wherever you are in the globe.

The Japanese appreciate the beauty of their flowers, and the public may visit numerous breathtaking gardens around the nation. There are several examples of these blooms nearby Zen gardens. In this guide, we’ll examine some of the most well-liked flowers in Japan and what having them symbolizes.

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16 Most Popular Flowers in Japan (Names and Meanings)

The cultural significance of Japanese flower meanings has already been addressed. Each flower’s symbolism, locations where you may find them, and seasons in which they bloom are all indicated. You will like learning about each flower because they are all different in terms of beauty and symbolism.

Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom)

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Because cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan, they are fundamental to the country’s identity. The blooms are white and light pink, and they can bloom in profusion on a single branch. Long stems emerge from the branch from the center of each bloom.

  • Meaning: Achievement and heart-wrenching beauty
  • Hokkaido Island, Tokyo Gardens, and Sumida Park are the places to locate them.
  • Spring: Flowering

Himawari (sunflowers)

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This Japanese sunflower resembles other varieties of sunflowers quite a bit. Himawari typically grow in expansive fields, creating the impression of a huge sea of yellow. To celebrate the beauty of these sunflowers, there is even a celebration called the Himawari Matsuri.

Himawari sunflowers are given as gifts to loved ones to express your aspirations for a committed, long-lasting relationship since they stand for devotion, adoration, and longevity.

  • Himawari Meaning: affection, steadfastness, and endurance
  • Hokuryu, Hokkaido Island, and the Furano Flower Fields are places to locate them.
  • Summertime: flowering

Tsubaki (Camellia)

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Evergreen shrubs or small trees called camellias have lustrous, dark green foliage. The bush’s enormous blooms can range in color from pink to crimson hues and are typically approximately 4.5 inches (12 cm) high. Yellow stamens are grouped together on each bloom.

  • Meaning: perfect love, prudence, and humility
  • Where to locate them: on the southern Japanese coast
  • Spring: Flowering
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Ume (Japanese apricot)

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Japanese apricot blooms have a strong, honey-like fragrance. They make beautiful houseplants and are bonsai-worthy and delicious. Deep pink flower buds eventually turn light pink as they grow.

The Ume, commonly known as the Japanese apricot, is one of the list’s most opulent and exquisitely scented flowers.

  • Meaning: Grace, loyalty, and a sincere heart
  • Where to locate them: Japanese gardens frequently have them on display.
  • Early spring: flowering

Asagao (Morning Glory)

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Morning glories only bloom on chilly, windy mornings, as their name indicates. The plant has heart-shaped leaves and a green shrub at its base. There are stripes of blue and white hue on the blooms.

Kaneshon (Carnations)

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Carnations are a pleasant representation of love both in Japan and abroad. They are frequently offered and accepted as considerate presents from close relatives and romantic partners.
Carnations are available in a variety of hues and can even be painted.

  • Kaneshon Meaning: Love
  • You are certain to stumble upon Carnations in most of Japanese Gardens
  • Mid-summer to late spring: Flowering

Ajisai (Hydrangea)

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Hydrangeas are a lovely present to say thank you to someone who recently helped you out or simply because. Although the color of this flower has been known to vary depending on the acidity of the soil, it is often found as an indigo blue.

  • Meaning: To say sorry and thank you
  • They may be found at Nabana No Sato Park.
  • From early spring until early fall, flowers bloom.

Kinmokusei (Orange Osmanthus)

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The orange osmanthus is a bushy, very colorful bloom that was brought to Japan from China during the Edo era. It also produces a purple-black stone fruit with hard-shelled seeds and evergreen plants.

  • Meaning: Being a noble person and truth
  • Also, orange osmanthus can be found in most Japanese gardens.
  • Autumn: Flowering

Akaibara (Red Rose)

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There are several Japanese flower gardens where you may view these lovely red roses, which have a vibrant red color. Roses may be given to your sweetheart as a token of your love because they have a universal romantic connotation.

  • Meaning: Being romantic or simply romance
  • Most Japanese gardens have them, and you can find them at Gora park.
  • Autumn: Flowering

Sakurasou (Primula Sieboldii)

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Because of how much it resembles a sakura, a cherry tree in bloom, this flower is known as a sakurasou. The blossom resembles a pink daisy as well. The flower, which goes back to the Edo era, is fairly well-known in Japan.

  • Meaning: Longing, Desire, or long-lasting love
  • You can find Sakurasou in forests or wet areas of Japan
  • Spring: Flowering

Akaichurippu (Red Tulip)

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Red tulips are fairly common everywhere and look stunning in a field of flowers or in a bouquet. Because tulip blossoms resemble a turban, the term tulip is derived from the Persian word turban.

  • Meaning: Honor and enduring affection
  • Where to locate them: Nabana No Sato, Huis Ten Bosch, and Gunma Flower Park
  • Spring: Flowering

Sumire (Violet)

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This flower grows from little bushes that often flourish in gardens or along walls. Long stems and ivory leaves are features of the plant, along with light purple blooms. Typically, this flower is utilized to spruce up the grass in front of a house.

  • Meaning: a little happiness, truthfulness, and ink tank
  • Where to locate them: Japanese gardens frequently have them on display.
  • Spring: Flowering

Shobu (Iris)

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It is said that this Japanese iris usher in good news. Three bluish-purple petals make up these lovely and distinctive blooms, which are accented with golden bands that protrude from the center. In the spring, they blossom after emerging from the ground.

  • Meaning: Good tidings, joy, and devotion
  • Where to locate them: Nabana No Sato Park and Gunma Flower Park
  • From late spring through mid-summer, flowers bloom.
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Rabenda (lavender)

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The lavender blossom has a white border and is purple in hue. The petals of the flower itself create an almost perfect circle, giving it a special charm. Typically, it forms a vine along fences and pipelines.

  • Meaning: Being faithful
  • You can find lavender blossom in Tambara park or Furano Flower Fields.
  • Summer: Flowering

Momo (Prunus persica)

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This edible flower boasts light as a feather, vivid pink blossoms. From each end of the bud, two or more blooms open, covering the stalk with pink petals. The momo flower grows on a tree that also produces the mouthwatering peach.

  • Meaning: Captivating personality
  • Ibaraki, Koga Park, Yamanashi Togenkyo, and the Southern Alps are where you can find them.
  • From the beginning through the middle of April, flowers bloom.

Botan – Peony

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Peonies are now mostly ubiquitous across Japan. As a result of its gorgeous and regal look, this flower is sometimes referred to as the king of flowers. It has no negative connotations, in contrast to several other flowers. It has connotations of affluence and deference.

As a result, it is a popular flower for wedding decorations to bring the bride and husband luck.

  • Meaning: a sign of prosperity, valor, and dignity.
  • Peony can be found in most Japanese gardens.
  • Late spring, early summer: Flowering

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FAQs on Japanese flowers

What flower is the most well-liked in Japan?

The most well-known flower in Japan is the Japanese cherry blossom, which is also its national Japanese flower. These blooms are most enjoyed and admired in the spring, when cherry blossom gardens all around Japan host a celebration in their honor.

Are cherry blossoms a Japanese-only phenomenon?

Washington, DC, New York, and Georgia are just a few of the places in the world where cherry blossoms may be found, despite the fact that they are most commonly associated with Japan and that’s where they mostly thrive.

What month are the cherry blossoms in Japan in bloom?

The greatest time to visit Japan and see the gorgeous cherry blossoms is between March and April. You probably won’t want to miss the cherry blossom snowstorm that occurs when the flowers start to fall at the end of the season.

We wish you luck in finding your zen at one of Japan’s flower gardens and connecting with one of these blossoms. If reading this article made you want to welcome new plants into your house, check out our new arrivals to spruce up your space.


This is a nation that takes pleasure in its gardens and floral displays, from the stunning sakura, which is the national flower of Japan, to rich lavender and deep red roses. There are many popular flowers in this area, and our list will introduce you to 16 of the most unique. These flowers are a great place to start if you want to build a Japanese garden at your house.

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